Oppo reveal its role on the bigger sensor fingerprint integrates in young

Oppo R17 Pro - fingerprint

Within the same event, in which the unit detects a camera that provides optical zoom hybrid that is 10 times, the company Oppo also detects sensor a new fingerprint shows on the screen the size of A is greater than that which we are used to see in current smart phones. In fact, sensor fingerprint built-in screen announced by company Oppo today similar to that which was introduced by the US co-founder of Xiaomi, Mr. Lin Bin earlier that day.

Will sensor fingerprint new which destroys the screens the largest in 15 times of the sensor the fingerprint of the user on the phone for Oppo R17 Pro current, and will be able to read two fingers at the same time. I’ve tried already something similar with the phone model Vivo the APEX in the past year although the technique wasn’t completely ready at that time.

It is expected that up ” trade biometric new”, as we called it one of the top executives in the company for Oppo to smart phones by the end of this year, this means we may not see this technology in smartphones that will be revealed in the company Oppo in the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held late next month.


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