Oppo R19 will be the first smartphone that uses a processor MediaTek Helio P80 next

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Company MediaTek is currently working on a new processor from the medium category. When it’s time to launch it, will get the name of the MediaTek Helio P80, and it will be a monster when it comes to the performance of artificial intelligence, as it turns out in the last week. Was processor MediaTek Helio P80 ranked second behind the processor Snapdragon 8150 coming from Qualcomm in the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Now, if you are wondering about the identity of the first smartphone which will be released to the market with a processor MediaTek Helio P80, has released today a new report says that this company will be of share of the phone Oppo R19. Of course, the phone Oppo R19 will be released in the next year a succession of phone Oppo R17 and the current which the processor uses a Snapdragon 670. It is worth noting that the company Oppo tend to use MediaTek processors in some of its smart phones, it has already used the processor MediaTek Helio P60 in the phone for Oppo R15.

However, in a series of phones Oppo R17 Series current, the company decided to the Chinese not to use MediaTek processors due to unsatisfactory performance. And apparently this is among the reasons that pushed the company MediaTek to enhance the performance of the processor MediaTek Helio P80 significantly in order to get a new contract with the company Oppo.

Will be manufacturing the processor MediaTek Helio P80 purchase of MediaTek by company TSMC using technology is 12 nm, and will be equipped with eight cores from the company ARM. Will MediaTek Helio P80 first home to buy MediaTek in the first half of the year 2019, you must appear in other organs also, after the phone Oppo R19.



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