OPPO ordered a display Edge of the Samsung not for Find X?


According to the new message, the OPPO was ordered top Edge of screen panels from Samsung. But, probably, to Find X, which is waiting for many users, they use not find. Which category will be treated OPPO smart phone with a curved display and how big or even huge to be the size of the screen?


On the resource page gsmarena.com published note, Ro (Ro) with reference to Korean online The Bell. According to the message, OPPO ordered curved panel OLED displays is Samsung, which will be delivered by the end of June 2018.

It is unlikely that they will complement the Oppo Find X, because it’ll be two weeks just before the first supply of the display panels. Thus, the information under consideration is not so much gives the answer to the question, how much raises a new question: what is your upcoming phone OPPO will be equipped with a giant of 6.42-inch display?

Most likely, speech can go about your mobile device hi-end class, since one screen or Infinity Edge is almost five times more expensive than comparable alternatives. Reportedly, the price of such a display panel is 100 USD, and this is quality enough to assume — a budget smartphone that will be equipped with a display.

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