Oppo officially reveal the interface of ColorOS 6.0 with machine learning technology and New


During an event held recently in the city of Shenzhen of China to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the launch interface, ColorOS, Oppo announced the next version of this interface which Download Version ColorOS 6.0. During the event, the company reported Oppo to interface ColorOS installed on over 250 million devices in more than 140 countries and regions around the world.

Think interface ColorOS 6.0 new color scheme of the bill, which essentially blends between the background and the white tones of the invoice. The company Oppo that the choice of the white color aims to create a frosty atmosphere. The company claims that it is designed to interface ColorOS 6.0 new with the smart phones free of the screen frame in mind, but it will also work on devices for Oppo old. And speaking of hardware, why reveal to us the company Oppo is unfortunately on the list of smart phones that you will get the interface of ColorOS 6.0 new.


Most parts of the interface ColorOS 6.0 New used new font style for Oppo Sans, a font that the company Oppo developed in collaboration with the company China Eastern Airlines known as Hanyi. Regardless of the plan, approving of ColorOS 6.0 of the new machine learning technology which you freeze apps in the background, instead of closing them. Will the technology of machine learning that analyze the habits of use your for two weeks to learn your habits before you freeze apps in the background.

Company will Oppo issue interface ColorOS 6.0 new in 2019. We didn’t learn after the changes are complete that will be coming out this fact, as well as devices that will get it first.



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