Oppo offers the patented new hole camera at the screen

A new vision to buy the Oppo in the hole of a camera in the screen of the smart phone disclosed in the patent to the company, which is scheduled to come up the hole screen in the app icon the camera in the phone interface.


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Company found the Oppo a new form to integrate the hole screen in the app icon that comes in the interface of smartphones, where the patent of the company with the scheme for ensuring the hole in the screen for the front vehicle in the upper left part of the design of the phone, where falls the symbol of the camera in the phone with the screen hole.

Also expected to support the code click to open application camera, while the calling code to close the application the camera by clicking on the icon and scrolling to the right.

It also presents the schematic diagram of the invention interface of the phone houses a collection of application icons that can often be found in the phone interface, which comes from the code applied to cable car which falls with the design of the hole camera on the screen, also can scroll to show more applications while remaining the icon of the camera in its position without change.

Recall that the Oppo will be released the first of the smart phones featured with a hole screen for the front vehicle during the universal phone MWC to be held in next February in Barcelona, where he is expected to reveal the company for Oppo F19 وOppo F19 Pro, also is expected to include phones technology optical zoom up to 10 times with the advantage of the sensor footprint in a larger area of the screen.


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