Oppo offers telephone Reno with chip Snapdragon processor 855 cooling system liquid

Use the new details about the version for Oppo next Reno spread on the internet, in the latest details published via Brian Shen, It was pointed out that the telephone Reno featuring Chip Snapdragon processor 855 also comes with a system liquid cooling.

Oppo Reno leak

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Reno is one of the phones associated with this year’s report zoom characteristic up to 10 times, where projections indicate that Oppo will be more than the phone model upon the official announcement, where different phone models in the processor chip used and the cooling system also.

Have referred Brian Shen in his recent statements, that one of the models of phone Reno will chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 also comes with a system liquid cooling through the copper tube.

Also offer for Oppo, another model of phone Reno featuring Chip Snapdragon processor 710, which also comes with a gel of graphite works on firming the heat in the phone when running video or games.

Oppo Reno

Also to Oppo, another model of the Oppo Reno comes with support of networks of the fifth generation, the model is another featuring a modem chip Snapdragon X50, and also the edition of the Lamborghini special of the phone come with a memory random 12 GB RAM, with a large storage capacity.

It is expected that the official announcement of the phone Oppo Reno in two weeks to get clearer on the features and specifications of the phone along with the level of pricing that applies to the markets.


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