Oppo launches smartphone F7 in the Lebanese markets

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Refuse company OBO roof control to a new level with the first camera my predecessor intelligently artificial and strictly 25 megapixel storage capacity 128 GB memory, random 6 Gb screen revolution, the size of 6.23 inches and uses the F7 technique of artificial intelligence AI improved selfie in addition to many other features that work with artificial intelligence to the side of the screen wonderful software program multiple job offers F7 to consumers an unparalleled experience at a competitive price.

Hiss said Yasin, head of the mobile communications ACT official distributors in Lebanon: “our focus is to provide the best photography experience of my predecessor to the consumers of the Lebanese, and OPPO technology selfie with the F series, which received a positive response to the enormous private network, with the launch of the F7 in Lebanon, we strengthen the brand’s presence as “The Selfie Expert and Leader”, at which time the offer the users the best mobile phone technologies,” added Yassin: “customers have the opportunity to order their devices in advance and get free gifts”.

Features phone F7 front camera HD 25 megapixel sensor with high dynamic range HDR, images that are captured using the phone you will get “data” the more, the greater range of detail levels, the luminance levels of the colors when photographed in bright sunlight or shade, similar to the images captured with a digital camera High quality, so the user has a lot of control regardless of whether the photo was taken in bright light environments or low, Will my HDR images in addition to AI Beauty 2.0 with its ability to improve and beautify the person, to the beauty of the selfie experience is extremely rich.

Was the launch of the oppo through the F5 that came with AI Beauty Recognition technology, which makes the pictures more personal, more realistic and natural, and F7 of the second generation of the technology AI Beauty 2.0 that pay more evolution in the photographs, the new developments include the ability of more accuracy on the face recognition, the technique facelift the best type of the user and the capabilities of self-learning based on user preferences and features to the largest.

Technology AI Beauty 2.0 scans 296 points for facial recognition, which is improved by 20 percent on the generation technology first, allowing the possibility of more accurate facial recognition.

AI determines the Preferences trade the pre, based on the most common modifications that are made to album photographs, and automatically create adjustments similar to the sound of the new, so the next time you take a picture of a character and in the color of your skin is perfect or the shape of the eye alien or other features of the face the the F7 you know exactly what to do.

Also been adding new features in F7 which makes it more attractive and fun, gives life situation the user a chance to sparkle with the saturation more color to the image itself, which enhances the color of the clothes and backgrounds, for example, can take selfies like the photo cover for a glossy magazine, while the job posters AR augmented reality allows you to pass in a selfie as an addendum to a cute animal or a movie star, to visit their shape when you share it on social media.

Provides phone FHD + Super Full Screen for OPPO F7 compared to 6.2 inches with the visual experience more lively

Vibrant, and the screen is bigger on the ratio of 88 percent of the proportion of the screen to the body, but it is quite suitable in the palm of your hand, as that phone F7 is one of the first smartphones with the Aspect Ratio 19: 9, which gives the user more space for games.

The application also allows the user to pick up incoming call while playing games or watching a movie, multitasking on full screen allows the user to use gestures to navigate between applications.

With all the details that have been carefully studied by the designers of this smartphone see the quality of the oppo F7 set new standards in precision engineering, smart phones, and offer users the option of two different colors incompatible with their personality, the issuance of red and black reflects the luster of a diamond.

Comes version your 128 GB with the model of the RAM 6 GB in Sunrise Red, using the body of the bottle is a unique sparkling like gems, and reflects different colors with each profile of the user, also inspired by the gemstone of the same name, model F7 Black Diamond is a symbol of elegance and perfection of technology, and the application of care and fine motor skills as are used in cutting and polishing diamonds on each device, the back cover metal multi-layer of glass consists glow like diamonds refracted paths of light with patterns cut triangular, shimmering shades bright dark when viewed from different angles, From the edge to the center of the phone, the colors of the rainbow shimmering and glitter design and color, she’s never seen him before.

Working-class F7 for the latest Processor Bit 4GB64, with the operating system very accurately, based on the Android platform 8.1, has ColorOS 5.0 to program the AI to run the best systems, the Director of energy Color OS 5.0 AI processing according to the right making sure to turn the phone in the best form.

As such, is running the F7 is faster by 80 percent from its predecessor when running several applications together, in addition, it codifies also use power appropriately, which lengthens the average daily use for the lifetime of the battery.

Oppo launches smartphone F7 in the Lebanese markets

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