OPPO launches series mobile phones new R17 in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Announced that OPPO, a leading international brand in the field of smart phones, officially launched its operations in Saudi Arabia to offer its market the latest innovative products that combine cutting edge technology, artistic designs and stylish. The launch of operations in the kingdom in conjunction with the release of the latest phone from the series phones R smart OPPO R17وOPPO R17 Pro.

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The company OPPO for its expansion in Saudi Arabia during the high-level event was held in Riyadh which will host the headquarters, and reviewed the officials of the company through his vision of technical and briefed the partners on their commitment to innovation in the kingdom. Included launch event, which marked the character of his different from similar events held under the slogan “Seize the Night” many of the presentations that combine elegance and interactive techniques.

Entered for OPPO global smartphone market in 2011, and has since become one of the most famous signs of the smartphones in the world especially among young people, and more than 200 million customers from all over the world are using smart phones. Has the company OPPO over the past ten years on the manufacturing of smart phones with the latest imaging techniques.

During the past year, carried out the OPPO line of ambitious expansion that included the GCC and Western Europe, have suggested that the geographical distribution announcement the company recently enhanced its investments in the field of global research and development to 1.43 million in 2019, an increase of 150% compared to the previous year. The OPPO is currently a set of high standards for a number of techniques are emerging such as the fifth generation, has taken early steps to test the techniques in their organs.

He also worked for OPPO during the past year to solidify its position as a premium brand among the young customers, where they launched a bunch of phones that varied between medium and high-end for that new concept designs of smart phones. The company has also opened recently a new headquarters in the Middle East and Africa to oversee the operations and expansion of its ongoing.

In this context, said Andy Xiao, president of the company OPPO in the Middle East and Africa: “we believe in OPPO the importance of empowering clients to get the latest innovative technology, and a vision, we have successfully applied over more than a decade thanks to our appreciation of the value of exploration and celebration of all the technology innovation bravely in all the joints of our work.”

He added: “We are looking forward to start our journey in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially in light of the availability of this vast amount of opportunities to rebel, the kingdom is characterized by young people associated with growing economies and freedom of consumers to acquire the latest technology. We are confident of the ability of the OPPO to make a qualitative leap in the sector of smart devices in the kingdom.”

Will be able to customers in Saudi Arabia soon, the latest smartphone from the company OPPO across a variety of sales channels, traditional and electronic, while “FMP”, the official dealer for the products of OPPO in the kingdom, providing all the setups to their customers. Will work for OPPO and the future for modern devices in order to support the treatment of the OPPO brand and their products in the kingdom. Will continue for OPPO in the future expand its business in the kingdom with the support of new partners, whether through online platforms or traditional.

Will the two phones OPPO R17 وOPPO R17 Pro, the latest versions of the series for OPPO R, the first devices that will reach the Saudi market. Is considered phones in the R series of more smart phones are famous in the world which offer unique features in terms of value. According to my research, “counter-point” and”strategic analysts,” was the OPPO R9 one of the top selling smartphones in 2016 worldwide, while the phone was OPPO R11 the best Android phone in the world to 2017.

And phones the new OPPO R17 وOPPO R17Pro a revolutionary design stylish gradient colors and high quality photography in low light and the high-speed and many others.

Phone for OPPO R17 lets you capture more images brighter in the night

Think night photography is one of the most difficult challenges faced by the sector of smart phones, but Phone OPPO R17 Pro provides a paradigm shift in the software and both. There are new imaging system night ultra high-definition (Ultra-Night), which provides stable long-term image and noise cancellation and the extent of the wide lens to get pictures of the night the most vivid and detailed. Longer drive (Ultra-clear), which supports artificial intelligence techniques a unique tool to further improve the quality of the photos and restore the colors on the pixel level, so that you know my favorite scenes of the way it looks already. How to prepare the camera to the background of the tripartite allows the customer to export the report of RAW files and HDR and face recognition.

The definition of new selfies via the camera “beauty” backed by gold artificial

You will have the camera “Beauty” new front accurately 25 megapixels and supported with artificial intelligence to capture the most beautiful selfies. Enjoying the camera “beauty” with features such as to flatten the face and make-up in addition to six imaging modes other and the option of live preview, which allows users to capture perfect pictures. It also allows dual rear camera enhanced the possibility of creating personalized photo the wonderful through the layer normal.

Charging technology super-fast VOOC

Will the shipper super fast VOOC award-winning, the possibility of charging the phone battery for OPPO R17-capacity 3500 mAh fully, quickly and safely thanks to the system of protection of five fundamental that will enable customers to use the phone freely during charging. Will process the shipping for just five minutes about two hours of talk time. Is available in the phone for OPPO R17 Pro Charging technology high-speed very SuperVOOC, which are twice and a half of charging with VOOC normal. It takes the process of reloading the 40% of the phone battery for OPPO R17 Pro Flat only 10 minutes.

The stylish design of gradient

Due to the uniqueness of OPPO in the to provide the design of smart phones with gradient colors, the company recently determined Low new tri-color stripes quad for its new OPPO R17. Has allowed to add intense energy to light in new design for cost R, the possibility of the flow of light on the surface of the device, which will enhance the beauty of the colors of the original. The new phone with its durable fingerprint-resistant; the colors of the screen with his charming techniques and touch. For the first time, will be available in a series R17 screens Corning® Gorilla® Glass6, and the area of the screen to approximately 91.5% of the size of the phone which will contain the hidden button to open the lock by fingerprint.

Available devices for OPPO R17 in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in light blue and purple hues. While it will be available phones for OPPO R 17 Pro in emerald green and the last gradient color blends green and purple. You will enjoy the devices OPPO R17 RAM with a capacity of 6 GB and the memory storage capacity of 128 GB. You will enjoy the phones OPPO R 17 Pro it RAM capacity of 8 GB memory storage capacity of 128 GB. Will be available for phone for OPPO R17 for the price of 1, 799 SAR telephone R17 Pro price is 2, 599 SAR.

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