Oppo is preparing to launch a phone 5G by the start of 2020

The company announced the Oppo during the Qualcomm 5G Summit 2019, held in Barcelona recently, about her plans to launch a new version of the smartphone supports networks of the fifth generation before the end of 2019.

Attended company Oppo during the conference Qualcomm latter as one of the partners of the giant manufacture chips, and has participated Henry Tang from the Oppo through the events of the conference his vision for future applications of 5G, as reviewed products which can bring benefit from the networking technology the fifth generation in the coming period.

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I have confirmed Henry Tang one of the scientists Oppo that the company is in the early stages to start mass production of the new phone comes with support of networks of the fifth generation, that the phone supports dual-mode 5G.

It is planned to apply this version in the larger scope of global markets in which already the technique of the fifth-generation networks, to support a larger base of users, where the phone supports networks SA and also NSA.

Also confirmed for Oppo on that phone 5G rule will apply at the end of this year and before 2020, with technology Qualcomm platform dual-mode 5G, except that the Oppo did not provide details about the brand for this release, so we expect more details during the coming period on this version linked from the Oppo.


I know of

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