OPPO has announced a freeze of the application ColorOS 6.0. And that’s fine


The Android operating system differs from iOS, designed for iPhone and iPad the fact that under its management there are numerous smartphones available to consumers by various companies. While OS often significantly, namely vendors of smart phones. The number of devices based on software which are customized firmware popular smartphones from OPPO, which announced ColorOS 6.0 useful intellectual function.

Celebrating the fifth anniversary ColorOS at a special presentation in Shenzhen, OPPO has announced another version of its software — ColorOS 6.0, reports Ivan (Ivan) on the resource page gsmarena.com. Additionally, it was noted that ColorOS installed on over 250 million devices in 140 countries and regions.

OPPO ColorOS 6.0 introduced with artificial intelligence


New firmware version is characterized by a light color scheme based on combinations of white color with gradients of other bright colors. OPPO notes that the choice of colors is caused by the desire to create an “airy atmosphere”.

OPPO ColorOS 6.0 was created with the idea of edge-to-edge smartphones, but the new firmware will be sovmestima with the previously released devices. However, OPPO at the time messages are not released ColorOS 6.0 list of supported devices.

In ColorOS 6.0 found a use system of machine learning that allows to “freeze” apps in the background without closing them. Appropriate application, based on artificial intelligence will be to assess user activity in applications for two weeks to opredeliti features the work of the user with his mobile device.

OPPO released ColorOS 6.0 in 2019.

To discuss ColorOS from OPPO and others based on the Android OS, the custom firmware for smart phone readers in the Telegram chat.

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