Oppo get to turn on the patented sensor fingerprint built-in screen

synaptics-vivo-in-screen-fingerprint-sensor-4 Vivo X30

Was Vivo X20 Plus UD is the first smart phone comes with sensor fingerprint built-in screen, and came after the phone Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design. It is to be expected that the Oppo is a manufacturer of the following that you using this technology in smart phones, because it was the monitoring of this Chinese company to get a patent for technology similar to the intellectual property office in China is known for short in the name of SIPO.

The documents provided include a set of images that reveal that the sensor of the fingerprint that can be used not only to unlock the device, but also authenticate the payment transactions. Photo shows the reading sequence of the input fingerprint and finger parts the actual is recognizable. This technique is used also when the screen is used, which means that this technique is different from the technology developed by the company Synaptics, which depend on the shed sensor fingerprint light from the bottom of the OLED display and then read the signs of a fingerprint after it.


It was rumored that he would be the version of the phone Oppo Find 9 with sensor fingerprint built-in screen, but was the abolition of this device. Given that the company already launched its phone flagship for the first half of this year, the Oppo R15, we believe that he will use this technique on most likely in the phone for Oppo R15S which is supposed to arrive in October.



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