Oppo get a patent for a flexible folding

Ranked Oppo through 2016 ranks fourth for manufacturers of smart phones all over the world, and ranked first in China.

Smartphones folding has become a reality, as we saw last year the launch of ZTE Corporation for its Axon M, which is the first smart phone foldable, but technically the phone comes with two separate related through joints so that it can be used as one large.

During the financial period appeared many reports that talked about that Samsung develops foldable phone holds at the current time, The code name for the Galaxy X, which is returned to the interface through the access to Samsung’s patent rights for a device with a screen adjustable wrap provider account photo the fingerprint during the last year.

It seems that the Oppo Chinese trying to enter the race through the patented design of Screen Phone flexible folding one with the joints of the external structure different from the rest of the body of the phone, which is transformed into part of the screen once you open the phone.

And through the pictures attached with the application we can note that the upper and lower edges of the widescreen, while the side edges of the thin, and the process of folding through the joints in the back of the machine, and when you open the phone we get a big screen one, so unlike your Axon M, which shows the black bar in the middle.

Also refer to the patent to owning the device for a camera background of the double slides vertically, and when you fold the phone to use one side for making calls, while you can use the other side to take personal photos with the front camera and what looks like LED flash.

It should be noted that it is not available at the current time, information about the date of the issuance of such a phone, but it is interesting to see the company working on the development of the smart phone follows this concept.


Source: Oppo get a patent for a flexible folding

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