OPPO F7: let’s talk about the screen

When you speak of smartphone and understand it from all sides, you can not go past the screen. For this reason, in this issue of our special project on open test of OPPO F7 we will examine the screen.

To paraphrase Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, one can say: “In the smartphone, everything should be fine: and performance, operating system, casing, and screen.” The first three paragraphs we have already dealt with, now let’s talk about the last in this sequence but not last in importance.

All the time using a smartphone we look at the screen, and so it is perhaps not the most important part of it. Agree, you can not use the most powerful smartphone, but with a great display. Yes, games not play, but watch the video and read the lyrics will be a pleasure. On the other hand, if you have a very powerful smartphone and a dim screen that can’t be seen when you turn on the light in the room is not good. The question of performance OPPO F7 we have already discussed, so let’s see how it corresponds to the screen of the smartphone.

During open testing the opinions of some of our readers were divided. If some are unconditionally loved, others had questions regarding the screen. However most of the questions dealt with in the first place while the unusual neckline which we have already discussed when talking about the first impression of the OPPO F7.

Not without the cutout at the top, who people have aptly dubbed “monopoly” a couple of times because it partially blocked the review of applications, and the rest of the Bicycle.

Alexander Gerasimov, a freelance

I can’t get used to the cutout in the screen, although I bought a similar smartphone.

Burkhanov Dallaire, rail transportation

The screen has a diagonal of 6.23 inches and a resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels. Thanks to the use in the manufacture of display technology LTPS TFT IPS, color gamut was very wide, and the image angle does not change. Of course, there are distortions, but they are not as severe as with some other matrices. But the richness and color rendition of such displays at a very high level.

Like the color. The colors are bright, I would say, easy on the eyes.

Irina Ditkovskaya, designer

As for the brightness, the participants of the open test noted the adequacy of its level.

The brightness of the screen enough for normal use on the street and with all the comforts to enjoy in the room.

Vasilisa Bogdanov, economist

Although some noted that they would like to raise the level.

In the sun the phone behaves generally well, but only at maximum brightness. If the brightness is set to 50% or lower to work with the screen becomes difficult.

Julia Shamina, journalist

The screen, as it should be the modern representatives of this type of components has a setting that allows a little “nail” the color blue. It is believed that it relaxes in the evening and reduces the effect on sleep quality when using the smartphone directly in front of him. Yes, and it just looks nicer in the calm silence of the evening when I want a relaxed flick through the latest news, write a couple of messages and go back to sleep.

Really liked how the function of changing colours at night-time use. She now is almost everyone, but some of my friends complain about how it is implemented. In OPPO F7 I was all arranged. Nothing to complain about.

Zhivulin George, engineer

The display can be set to a warmer or cooler hue. If the user prefer the offset color temperature, this setting he likes.

Initially the display is glued to the film, which prevents scratches on it. Not everyone likes to use film, but nevertheless if the buyer don’t need it, it can be removed, and if he still wanted to install it, it already did. Given that you can glue it on straight and without bubbles is not as easy it looks a good solution.

Best of all — this case included and already installed film on screen. No need to go and think where to find a suitable cover, and the tape to glue on their own and not at all uncomfortable.

Irina Ditkovskaya, designer

Some participants of the open testing faced with falling smartphone and convinced of the correctness of the decision of the manufacturer.

During testing I even had time to drop the smartphone, but it does not affect its appearance. Of damages saved case and damage to screen film. Yes, the film is scratched, but it can be torn off and replaced, it is easier than to change the screen.

Felony Andrew, construction business

There were comments on the screen for the amount of glare on its surface. For example, some of our readers have noted that the screen is highly reflective glare, which makes it comfortable to use them in certain conditions, but agreed that it is more likely the problem is not specifically OPPO F7, and smartphones in General, and this effect is observed in a large number of modern devices.

Indoors with artificial lighting and sometimes I notice the reflection of his own face on the screen surface, it may just be in the film. Without it, not tried.

Burkhanov Dallaire, rail transportation

When I use a smartphone in bright sunlight, sometimes prevent glare on its surface, but about the same glare was noticed and on your Huawei Nova 2 and Samsung S4 mini.

Kovaleva Svetlana, purchasing Manager

As you can see, in General, users were satisfied with the quality of the screen OPPO F7, and after testing they left him a positive impression. It turns out that the company was not deceived, and the engineers really did a good job before releasing this smartphone.

Next time we’ll talk about speed OPPO F7 in the network, the ease of operation of two SIM-cards and will even give examples of measurements of speed among different operators and in different places. Follow our project on open test OPPO F7! There is a lot more interesting.

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