OPPO F7: sound quality

Our special project on open test OPPO F7 is about to end, but finally we will discuss how the smartphone copes with playing music and external speaker.

It is no secret that when buying a smartphone, we less attention to sound quality. But after the purchase we will constantly focus on the sound of attention, if we don’t like him.

Question sound smartphone can be divided into three main components:

  • the volume of the sound
  • the sound quality through the built in speaker
  • the sound quality through headphones

To gain a more complete picture and form an opinion about the smartphone, you should deal with these points successively.

The volume of the sound

Many familiar situation when the phone is in a bag or in the next room, and when you take it in hand I see a few missed calls. This could be due to the fact that you simply forgot to disable the silent mode, but often it’s a quiet call.

In OPPO F7 installed a single speaker, but it sounds loud enough. One can argue that he’s the loudest on the market, as some smartphones can still sound louder, but it is not necessary to forget that different tunes for different sound of different speakers and the sound volume in this case seems to be different.

However, participants in our open testing the volume of the external speakers OPPO F7 seemed sufficient.

The volume, of course, on top! Audible even in a noisy store when the phone is in her purse.

Dichkovsky Irina, designer

It should be noted a shift of sound from the external speaker to high sounds. Perhaps because of this, and one gets the feeling that the speaker is very loud. Thanks to the ringing sounds that you can hear the phone lying in your pocket, purse or the other room.

During the testing, did not miss a single incoming call. Not to say that always miss them when using other phones, but sometimes it is.

Felony Andrew, construction business

The sound quality external speaker

When we talk about sound quality built-in speaker, it is worth remembering that the sound source has a number of specific features and it should not expect the same sound from both speakers. Rather, it is simply an opportunity to see the movie without headphones and to show something to friends. It can also be used for listening to music or podcasts, but it is not a full column, and the source of the sound is very small in size, whose main task is to send audio notification to the owner of the device and the quality of the voice during calls.

That is why the participants of the open testing is not so much found fault with how the smartphone plays a sound through the internal speaker. Perhaps this is the reason that opinion is largely divided.

The quality of the external speaker was not impressed. The sound is not one that wants to listen and listen. The maximum it perfect for playing audiobooks or podcasts.

Burkhanov Dallaire, rail transportation

The sound from the external speaker is loud, but the quality, though not the best, but a couple of times I even used to listen to music when I had to run it softly for background. Overall it was decent, though there is something to strive for.

Kovaleva Svetlana, purchasing Manager

The sound transmission built-in speaker is also not reproach – in my opinion, the stock volume is enough, and the clarity is quite good.

Alexander Gerasimov, a freelance

In the end, to collect the unified opinion failed, but judging by the reviews, built-in speaker can be used for watching videos or listening to music. You just have to be prepared for the fact that even in the flagship devices of the external speaker is far from the simplest external speakers. If you often need to play the sound “loud”, it is better to buy a similar accessory. But it is the built-in speaker OPPO F7 as a whole will cope with its task.

The sound quality of the headphones

The most important thing to note talking about the sound in the headphones OPPO F7 is that his body is mini jack 3.5 mm. In recent years, the manufacturers are actively trying to get rid of it, but this is my first smartphone the place it was found. This means that there will be no difficulty connecting any pair of headphones, as a third party or wireless, and complete.

Included are headphones, and that’s a big plus because many manufacturers removed this accessory supplied with the smartphone. Others so save that to use their headphones becomes impossible.

And in the case of OPPO F7 headphones though and relate to the initial level, but cause positive emotions. Like any other headphones they are individual and may not be suitable for all. However, many participants in our test indicated that they weren’t disappointed.

Can’t say that the bundled headphones are the best, but if someone needs headphones are not for every day, or just to use for the first time after the purchase of a smartphone, complete will be a good option

Vasilisa Bogdanov, economist

Some participants reacted to them more positively.

I can say that the sound quality in complete and in third-party headphones from Samsung, was very decent.

Alexander Gerasimov, a freelance

Not to mention that current trends lead to the displacement of the priority of the sound in the direction of the wireless transmission. Of course, there are exceptions, but we’re not talking about the needs of audiophiles, so wireless headphones are now on the horse. They can be connected to OPPO F7. So did some members of our public testing.

It has long been using wireless headphones. Therefore, in the study of OPPO F7 gave preference to them. Complete checked and the sound of them liked it, but its still familiar. When used with no difficulties experienced, the sound quality is certainly not worse than when you connect to other smartphones I’ve used

Zhivulin George, engineer

Reliability the bundled earphones for a couple of weeks of testing is difficult to verify. However, it can be noted that during this time, each of the participants they worked fine and no problems arose: it’s easy to believe, if you look like made headphones. All connections are solid and cable is safe for its longevity.

Instead of a conclusion

Our open test of OPPO F7 has come to an end. We discussed all the points and main points that should pay attention when checking and studying of the device, and helped us in this our readers.

More detailed results of our research can be found at the links below, as we continue to explore new smartphones and share with you my impressions about them, so stay with us and we will tell you so much more interesting.

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