OPPO experience is the first group video call on Android phone using fifth generation 5G

The company announced the OPPO, the leading manufacturer of smart phones globally, announced the successful experience of the first group video call using the network of the fifth generation Telecom 5G, using the phone for OPPO R15 Pro-based, a call made by engineers from six Institutes of research and development for OPPO around the world, and continued successfully for 17 minutes without interruption or connection problems.

And test using the test device Keysight UXM, and use the solutions to simulate the frequency ranges of your wholesale v-New Radio (NR) 5G وsub 6GHz to perform the tests for the speed of the network.

This has been stated Tony Chen, CEO and co-founder to buy OPPO, “OPPO diligently to develop a range of research which focuses on the services of 5G and has directed it’s efforts to become one of the first to call telephone calling services الـ5G in the world.”

As stressed by Qi technology 5G is the direction of the global revolution now a trend embraced by OPPO, where the company is currently developing more applications that rely on the technology الـ5G to keep this revolution and looking towards a better user experience.

Allocated for OPPO research capacity to develop the services of the Fifth Army since the year 2015, to achieve the OPPO race to develop products based on the fifth generation, and by enabling the interoperability of signals الـ5G links data in August 2018, which contributed to the success in achieving the first connection to the smart phone through the network of the fifth generation in the month of October of the current year.

The success of this step is confirmation of the progress of the OPPO in the field of research and development, especially in research services fifth-generation smart phones that work, as they help in strengthening its position as one of the first manufacturers of smart phones that support the services of the Fifth Army in 2019.

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