Oppo developing a camera front built-in screen placed in the icon of the camera application

Oppo Find X

Started cameras position front built-in screen in late last year, it seems certain that they will be more momentum in the year 2019. Instead of hiding the cameras power like some companies, the company decided Oppo to be going in a different direction altogether, the company has to register a patent to put the icon in the camera hole. And what we mean by this is that the little hole for the front camera will be part of the design of the icon.

Given the attached photos in the file of the patent, it is possible that the safety camera either in the upper left corner, or in the middle a bit. In both cases, the company is planning for Oppo to put a camera icon on them, so you can integrate the camera hole in the app icon. When you pass the main screen towards the side, it will look like the camera application there, so I won’t be ruining the magic by other applications. It is interesting to show the other icons after you pass the extra at the top of the screen.

You can also turn off the entire water. Disclose the patent so that the camera icon placed above the camera hole that can be passed to the right and then will turn off the camera application. This looks interesting, hope to see a realistic version of this sometime this year. At the moment, the only thing certain is that it will be advertising for a camera with optical zoom, hybrid $ 10-fold to a global audience, having been unveiled to the Chinese public earlier this month.


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