Oppo confirms the Reno comes with a Operating Ratio of 93.1% of the design of the phone

Published for Oppo new details recently about phone Reno from the East, where the stresses on that screen operating ratio of 93.1% of the design of the phone, as the phone does not guarantee a hole in the screen.

Oppo Reno teaser

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Company Oppo to release the first version of the plan produced a new Reno that comes later with a zoom up to 10 times the highest clarity and efficiency, it also has a screen Dynamic AMOLED from Samsung.

In the latest detail painting around the features of the phone before the official announcement, one of the speakers company Oppo phone Reno will screen operating ratio of 93.1% of the design of the phone, also confirmed that this version does not includes the design of the screen hole or extrusion, or any cut in the screen, the phone also features with frames too skinny.

As confirmed a spokesman for the Oppo on that the phone does not contain any cut or hole also in the back, but without revealing clear details about the specifications of a new design, so in the end we have to expect the official announcement to get clearer on the technology and design of the phone Reno High.


I know of

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