Oppo A7.. the latest phones, technology HyperBoost

Oppo A7.. أحدث هواتف تقنية HyperBoost

Finally after a long anticipation, the back of the phone Oppo A7 with a number of Chinese markets, and to unveil the specification of the newer phone from the company Oppo, but other than its price which is not determined only for a state of origin until now.

Phone for Oppo A7

Throughout the weeks, or even months ago, there was plenty of talk surfaced leaks, which allude to the potential of the latest phones of the company of the Oppo Chinese, of phone for Oppo A7, even the back of the phone voice voice to some of the local markets in China.

The phone features a modern chip Snapdragon processor 450 card huge capacity 4230 mah, only that dazzling is really a stretch phone A7, with HyperBoost latest from Oppo, which referred to its ability to accelerate its smart phones, it seems that the news is happier for lovers of electronic games.

Phone specifications

Phone needs the Oppo later on the screen of 6.2 inches with a resolution of 720p, the dimensions of 19:9, featuring the Chinese version of the phone’s memory 4/64GB, unlike the phones that will be released in other countries, and enhance the memory to 32GB.

As for lovers of photography, increasing the phone for Oppo A7 front camera accurately 16MP, and other background double feature accurately 13MP + 2MP, note that the cameras in the Oppo are characterized by the trade of the Treaty on artificial intelligence, accurately 8MP.

Even now, prices have not been announced your phone for Oppo A7 officially, however, the price that has been traded in China, approximately $ 230, which is the financial value of which will rise much beyond the borders of the state of origin, as Nov reports that the price of the newer phone from the Oppo to exceed $ 300, in the state of Nepal and neighboring China.

Property HyperBoost

Phone was Oppo A7 may draw attention before its release in several weeks, since it includes for the first time the technique HyperBoost, which is considered by many the official response of the Chinese company on the technology of GPU turbo provided by Huawei.

Confirmed specialists that feature the latest OBO will enable the smart phones from work faster than the barrier of 31%, which includes the utmost importance for the lovers of electronic games on the phones, such as FIFA, the Arena Of Valor, and of course PUBG that grabbed attention recently.

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