Oppo learn about the technology of the Hyper Boost to improve the experience of playing on mobile devices

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Company promised for Oppo provide a new technique to enhance the graphics in smart phones. In an event held in the capital economic of China Shanghai, the company Oppo detects technology the Hyper Boost technology, which works to improve the frequency devices faster by about 100 times.

She worked for a company Oppo with many other companies, including Tencent and Netease and Unreal and Unity and other companies to promote mobile games 100 the most popular in the world by accelerating the ingredients. In a press statement, the company said Oppo that PUBG and the Honor Of Kings are among the first 11 game you’ll get immediate performance boost through the ” technique of network acceleration of multiple shapes ” and ” intelligent distribution of traffic among channels of the cellular data network and WiFi “.

Technology the Hyper Boost will also work on improving the apps huge social like WeChat and travels and QQ, this will be the application of the ” significant acceleration in the 39 scenario to use common “. It is worth noting that the company Oppo has introduced the technology Hyper Boost technology to respond to technology GPU Turbo that started up for Huawei in the summer.

Function Behaviour Aware Scheduling new tuning frequency devices in the smartphone within 0.2 of a second, instead of 20 a fraction of a second that is used by Windows Android Linux. In general, this technique provides help comprehensive not only for games and applications, but the operating system itself, the company Oppo promise to run faster by 31.91 percent through 50 solution for processors of Qualcomm and MediaTek.



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