#Opinion: Why the new iPod Touch need Apple

Literally recently it became known that Apple is developing a new iPod Touch. And why not? Even now this looks like the perfect iPhone, with amazing slim body and low price. When they began to appear the first rumors about the iPhone 6, many have said that his case will be very similar to the case iPod touch 5. It is so that the camera sticks out and the case with rounded edges made from solid aluminum. Why would the company not continue this trend?

Of course, iPod and iPhone devices of different categories, and Apple may not release a new player, then to make it in the style of a smartphone. But the fact that the tech giant at the time, decided to go to meet their customers and lower the price on the iPod Touch, slightly changing its specifications, makes us think about what the company is willing to experiment and may issue a new player. And already on its basis, for example, to make an inexpensive smartphone. In the end, Apple users love surprises, why not drive them around for a few months?

Especially in recent years, actively rumors about the production of the budget iPhone. Edition once again refer to its own sources, the credibility of which personally I have reduced almost every day. A feeling of deja vu gradually replaced by disappointment.

Honestly, this is more like stuffing than to reliable information. And although many media has proved itself from the best side, there is nothing stopping periodically to cheer up the readers of this news.

Worthy counterparts iPod Touch now there is in the world market of the players. In fact, users don’t so much listen to music on it, how much play in a variety of applications or are traveling on the Internet, if in a radius of several tens metres there is a Wi-Fi network. Therefore, the step can be seen as the desire to make Touch more accessible and promote it to emerging markets. The competition here is clearly relegated to the background.

How Apple will do with their smartphones? The exact answer to this question now no one knows, except, perhaps, cook and his team. However, the actions of the Corporation directly tell us that she is ready for change and new achievements.

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