Opinion: Why Russia does not need the Apple Card

At its event on March 25, Apple has revealed your own credit card Apple Card. Her head feature will be integration with Wallet, expense reports in an interactive form, daily cash back and more. Most likely, this card will never appear in Russia: Apple is releasing it in conjunction with MasterCard and Goldman Sachs. But do we need such a service?

The Russian banking sector in terms of introducing new technology is better developed — it is recognized by those who live in the United States. Good application from a Bank in Russia now is not just good manners, but almost required. It all began with the appearance of the first fully mobile banks, and behind them have caught up and are both major players in the same “Sberbank” the app is very thoughtful, not to mention other smaller services. In Russia, the Bank’s customers accustomed to the fact that they can go to the app on the iPhone for Face ID or Touch ID, view recent transactions, go to Analytics, and all costs will be automatically determined, including geolocation.

In the U.S., the situation is reversed. The country’s banking system is much older and it does not play into her hands because the big banks are very slow to implement new technologies. Even SMS notifications appeared there later, not to mention Internet banking. At that time, as the Russian banks make it possible to pay most bills online, after scanning the camera, often you need us to photograph a paper receipt and then send it to the Bank. Therefore, advanced system intelligence and transparent cashback caused such a storm of emotions in the presentation.

Oh, and cash back from banks in Russia too (and debit cards is very good, with high categories obtained 2-3 %), on credit cards less, but it is also possible to regain some of the money spent. Maps have free service and there are no interest payments, if the time to repay the debt.

Not to mention the popularity of Apple Pay, which in Russia can pay for purchases in almost every store, where you can pay by Bank punishment. Some us retailers are still reluctant to accept this type of payment (which is especially strange, because the service is originally from the USA).

So in fact, Russia already has the Apple Card at least so you can call any of the modern advanced banks. Yes, Apple is captivating complete privacy of purchases and titanium card without a number and CVV, but it is a toy for hipsters, rather than do the right thing in the modern financial world, where it is not important how looks your card, and how much her money.

What do you think, whether in Russia, the introduction of such a service from Apple? Write in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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