Opinion: Why iPadOS is the best thing that happened to iPad

This year Apple has done what it has long asked for millions of users around the world. The company has allocated separate from the iOS operating system for tablet PCs under the name iPadOS. So, Apple clearly indicated its attitude to “the pill,” giving us to understand that more does not consider iPad as a stretched iPhone that is comfortable to watch movies, lying in bed. But the abundance of new features that differentiate from iOS iPadOS had to taste not all even in our newsroom. Understand why this is a mistaken view that they need to get rid of.

Personally, I like you already, probably, understood, delighted with iPadOS. Despite the considerable complexity of its interface compared to iOS, is exactly what is needed for all of us.

Differences iPadOS

The main claim to iPadOS, which was expressed by my colleague, Alexander Bogdanov, was the slowness of the new OS. He explained that, in his opinion, the abundance of new features, gestures and other interface changes have deprived iPadOS ease and convenience of iOS. Supposedly all this only slowed down the OS, making it more unwieldy. But I fundamentally disagree with this statement.

iPadOS looks exactly as it should look like a complete operating system for work. It is quite unlike the macOS, but it is not required. In the end, to adapt the interface desktop platform for touch controls if not impossible, then at least very difficult. And it is not very clear what happens in the end, as the alteration and the fit is not what it used to do with Apple because you think everything must be their purpose.

Gestures iPadOS

In iPadOS appeared an abundance of new gestures that allow you to interact with the text. Need to highlight the word click on it twice offer – tap once with three fingers, paragraph four fingers. To copy more don’t need to hold your fingers on the right characters, and then led them in the text. Just put three fingers on the right text to copy and push – to insert. It is convenient and simple, as all ingenious. And to remember the right combination – I’m sure it will be no more difficult than to learn gestures control iPhone X.

Safari for iPadOS

In iPadOS introduces support for an advanced version of Safari. Now the browser will not throw you to the mobile version of sites when you open them from your tablet, as well as provide on-desktop comfortable work with web pages, files from the Internet and online services. For example, in iPadOS you can work with the web version of Google Docs, to download from Internet files and then process them with the download Manager.

Another feature iPadOS, for which it is valued, is multi-tasking. Apple never expanded the range of its capabilities, allowing you to instantly switch between running tasks, to work simultaneously with several Windows, and to rearrange them using swipe. It seems so convenient multitasking was not even on the macOS, not to mention iOS. But the special thrill is that to work with multiple tasks at iPadOS will not even need the mouse, because it is much easier to manage with fingers, because everything is based on gestures.

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