Opinion: Why Apple TV+ Apple News+ will not work on Android

This week Apple unveiled its new video service, which will broadcast series and TV show of its own production. To attract to the area more viewers, it made cross-platform, adapting to smart TVs LG, Samsung and Sony consoles as well as Roku and Amazon. It would seem that in this list must be present for at least one platform, but in Cupertino have decided to ignore it. I wonder why?

At first glance, the lack of support for Android looks like a ridiculous oversight by Apple. Because “green robot” can provide the company with a huge number of viewers. Even if a subscription for Apple TV+ will draw at least 0.1% of Android users, Apple will get several hundred thousand subscribers, given the geographical coverage of the service, which should start in more than 100 countries. But in Cupertino know what they’re doing, I’m sure by Bloomberg columnist mark Gurman.

Why Apple TV+ no in Android

According to Gurman, Apple’s approach can be compared with the approach Netflix. At some point, Netflix, the recognized industry leader streaming come to the conclusion that 70% of its subscribers watch shows on the court on TV. As a rule, they use proprietary Netflix app for Smart TV, whereas the share of mobile devices is not more than 10% of the audience.

Hence a rather cool attitude to the Netflix iOS, where the users were deprived of the opportunity to subscribe through the app and have to do this on the website, due to the fact that the management of the service decided not to share with Apple a Commission from each purchased ticket.

Whether Apple is interested in Android

But to believe that Apple is absolutely not interested in the growth of the audience of their services at the expense of Android users, in my opinion, is not correct. Clear that the company needs them, however, stubbornly ignores rival platform and does not respond to the requests of owners of devices on its base to open them access to branded services.

I am more than confident that by expanding their own ecosystem, which is gradually getting access to everything except Android users, Apple hopes to persuade potential defectors to their side. That is why the company refused to adapt to Android not just Apple TV+, but the Apple News+ popularity which definitely lies in the mobile plane.

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