Opinion: Why Apple should not rush with the introduction of 5G

This week it became known that Apple and Qualcomm, after years of litigation, finally concluded a settlement agreement. However, the iPhone maker will have to pay several billion dollars as compensation for unpaid royalties. Now Apple has every right to take advantage of the advanced 5G modems from Qualcomm. But was it worth it?

It is no secret that the networks of the fifth generation on paper looks really promising. Potentially, the smartphone with support for 5G can be operated at speeds of 15 GB/s. This is almost 40 times faster than existing wireless networks. Signal delay is also reduced to the minimum of 1 millisecond vs 10 milliseconds in 4G networks and 100 milliseconds in 3G.

But does it make practical sense? No. For the vast majority of users of LTE networks is enough for everything, including online viewing of Full-HD video 60 fps. On a mobile device more is needed — for the rest there is a computer with a stable wired/Wi-Fi connection.

And it’s not just me. Experts Strategy Analytics has undertaken an extensive study and found that in 2019, worldwide, will be sold less than 5 million smartphones with support for fifth generation networks. The results of the survey say that consumers are not interested in such options.

In my opinion, the introduction of 5G will bring only more fragmentation. Manufacturers add in their smartphones support networks of the fifth generation, and pass it off as innovation, but now there is no benefit from them just yet. Why? For what? Indeed, in most European countries haven’t even finished the infrastructure, not to mention the legal basis for individual regions.

Something similar has been in history: in 2008 was presented the smartphone HTC Max, which was one of the first support 4G. Needless to say that this device has become completely irrelevant when the fourth generation networks become truly ubiquitous.

Of course, no one doubts that the future of networks of the fifth generation. Over time, the content will occupy more space and 4G/LTE is simply not enough. But that moment has not yet come and will come again soon.

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