Opinion: why Apple could increase iPhone sales

It is no secret that Apple is currently experiencing not the best times: litigation with Qualcomm is not too effective sales of its flagship iPhone models, the pressure from Chinese manufacturers of smartphones. There is no doubt that Apple can regain the leading position — but it needs to meet the consumers.

Let us face the truth — the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max we really have not seen any advanced solutions. In fact, all we got is a faster processor Apple A12 Bionic and improved camera. Obviously, this is too little to re-pay for the smartphone (albeit technologically advanced) more than a thousand dollars.

Apple should definitely rehabilitate in the eyes of consumers. How to do it? Very simple. Enough to give iPhone buyers a choice. The choices give numerous Android manufacturers.

For many years now, Apple gives you the opportunity to order a custom version of Mac. Users can choose the processor, amount of RAM, the amount and type of hard drive. But why this feature has never been available to owners iPhone and iPad?

Just imagine how it would be convenient to set your brand-new iPhone:

  • Select the desired display type: IPS or OLED (can be useful for those who, for one reason or another can not stand the screens on organic light emitting diodes);
  • To selectively adjust the presence on Board of the device of those or other technologies (as an example — ProMotion of 120 Hz and True Tone);
  • Select the desired CPU and RAM;
  • To determine the device: choose stainless steel or aluminium;
  • To find a suitable connector: USB or Lightning;
  • Fine-tune camera modules (both the main and front facing), depending on the needs;
  • Other options.

As in the case of Macs, the appearance of the device should remain the same or change slightly (if you selected another camera or housing type). Depending on the installed components could be adjusted and the cost of the device — both in smaller in a big way. Of course, sales will have to remain standard iPhone models.

Without a doubt, it would be a step towards to consumers. But the chance that Apple do decide on it — minimum.

However, not all unequivocally share my point of view. Here’s how the account voted Maxim khoroshev, head of the project Rozetked.

I think it is technically for Apple and Foxconn will be difficult to implement, but as an idea maybe. However, we already had modular smartphones. However, on the prototype this went (except that Motorola and LG were partly able to implement the plan and failed nevertheless). In fact, the idea is good, but if you think about it:
– You buy expensive iPhone. Will you afford to take the iPhone with a weak iron? No.
– You want an IPS screen instead of the OLED? It will have to change the design and framework will be more. Besides, we have iPhone XR.
– You want a display with 120 Hz? But then why the option of 60 Hz? Stupid.

Is 3 really useful options:
1. Change of memory (a us and so is available)
2. Type-C or Lightning
3. The number of cameras (35 mm, wide and tele)

What do you think about this idea? Leave your opinion in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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