Opinion: Why Apple can’t dictate terms to the market

In early January, Apple has revised its quarterly forecast on expected revenue, reducing estimated revenue of 9 billion dollars. This step can rightly be called unprecedented in the history of modern Apple, because previously the leadership of the company always managed to correctly predict market trends and forecasted demand. No less surprising is the fact that the American company decided to reduce the cost of current models of the iPhone in China. Does this mean that Apple is losing its authority?

Someone can say that the decline in prices in China was not significant. It is really so average, cheaper iPhones are only 40-60 dollars. But the question here is not the size of the discount, and in the presence of promotional offers.

Apple never did discounts on current iPhone to the new model. Even in the days of General sale, like Black Friday, the cost of the devices remained at the same level.

The only exception to this rule was back in 2007. The original iPhone was officially introduced in January 2007 but went on sale only at the end of June. Just a few months after launch, in September, Apple stopped production of the base model with the 4GB drive, and also lowered the price another version of 8 GB. The model, previously $ 600, can be purchased for only 400.

iPhone — our most revolutionary product, and we want to make it more accessible to a larger number of consumers, — said Steve jobs.

If in the days of the founder of Apple, such a move contributed to the large sales of smartphones, the current lower prices may say one company is no longer able to dictate the market conditions, and, therefore, to set unreasonably high prices for their products. Obviously, if an American Corporation does not make any definite conclusions, a further fall in securities and capitalization will not be forthcoming.

Yes, lower prices have not affected other regions, but it is only a matter of time. There is little doubt that the new iPhone, which will be shown in September this year will be cheaper than their predecessors. The smartphone market is becoming increasingly difficult, and even Apple which seemed impervious to all this, begins to feel it for yourself.

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