Opinion: Why Android updates are meaningless and will not bring you any good

Stable and the longest software support, involving regular updates, today is the key to success for smartphone manufacturers. If the vendor releases regular security patches and not too addictive adaptation of new versions of Android, most likely, it is waiting for the glory and honor. But should he opt out of further support of the device as users begin to write petitions and threaten leaving to competitors. Why is this not worth a damn, we will try to understand.

Let’s start with the root as the phenomenon of the update. The dominant role of the importance of updates, as such is the psychological set of the user, which can be formulated with the phrase “updates make my smartphone is new.” This is quite natural, because if our unit doesn’t drop out of the field of view of the manufacturer and he is still adapting to new versions of Android, then smartphone powerful enough to get the new features. Unfortunately, it is not.

New features Android not for everyone

Remember the function of Digital Wellbeing, which aims to help users in the fight against dependence on smartphones. For some unknown reason, Google has restricted its action only vehicles of lines, Pixel and Android One and block it for all other devices. Weird? Still, but so the search giant has proved that it is not necessary to have the most advanced smartphone regularly to access the most advanced innovations of the Android OS.

the iPhone as an example of the futility of updates

But even if Google has obliged manufacturers to keep their smartphones longer releasing updates for two of at least four years, it would be better still did not. Your example proves the iPhone that is updated at least five years in a row, on the third year begin to work badly, confirming the postulate that the best the enemy of the good, and we should not touch something that works fine now.

Google Play is more important than you thought

The next thing we should mention when discussing such delicate topics as the updates is the app store. So it turns out that users whose smartphones have not received the new version of Android or gained, but left without the coveted function because of the unknown limits, always refer to Google Play. Over the years the there has accumulated a millions of all sorts of apps that duplicate the latest innovations of Android. Take the ActionDash, which almost exactly copies the Digital Wellbeing and also works even on old smartphone with outdated OS on Board. So why in this case you need the updates? For the sake of the numbers in the settings?

Update — not about safety

The last pillar on which rests the value updates, is security. Google publishes monthly reports about fixed the vulnerabilities that allowed the attackers to escalate privileges and remotely operate the device of arbitrary code. That’s just to feel the benefits of these corrections in practice even more difficult than to understand this language by ear. But even if the patches are safe and carry some protection, there is always an idiot that will launch in smartphone malware will complain about terrible security system Android. And in vain, because the attack surface is one hundred percent rule: download apps only from Google Play, read reviews, use VPN and avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots access.

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