Opinion shirobana: network Liquid will help to improve the privacy of Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin enthusiast and seropan Jameson Lopp in his interview Crypto Insider told Liquid about the network and how it helps to relieve the network of Bitcoin. In his opinion, she decides the eternal problem of scalability of Bitcoin. Recall that the original network code Liquid was submitted on 6 November and Lopp attempted to explain how it works. During his work in BitGo he had a unique opportunity to learn how the flow of funds between exchanges.

Moreover, he believes interexchange cash flow, “excessive”, as inefficient and time-consuming to serve the endless streams of money with some exchanges on the other. Moreover, such a system would require a lot of space in the blockchain, because users are constantly transferred balances from exchange to exchange. Regarding alternative methods of funds transfer Lopp believes that the grouping and mass sending of transaction will have a negative impact on privacy.

It is better to use the network of the second level. For example, all of the exchange can interact with each other within a single network Lightning, beyond which would be a cross transaction. At this stage this system is impossible, because the chain Lightning has approved only a few exchanges.

I note that Liquid more assumptions than Lightning, but it works faster. This would avoid the congestion at least for the period before the wide acceptance of Lightning. And Liquid offering a level of privacy that is impossible to achieve within the Bitcoin network.

Source: blockstream.com

According Ambcrypto, users have some aversion to everything that is connected with midcanada. However, Lopp believes that the community needs to get acquainted with the network Liquid. Then we will see that it offers from the point of view of security and privacy and the adoption will not have any problems. More data look at cryptodata.

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