#Opinion: iPhone X (2018) could lose to the flagship Android-

Let’s be honest, in 2017, Apple iPhone X ahead of all Android manufacturers. After iPhone X all become equal to Apple releasing flagships are similar in appearance. Of course, a cut is a trend, and it’s not him. If the company has not used the same location of the main camera, trying to copy the iPhone X, doubt the originality would not exist. But now there is a clear desire to do so, as the guys from Apple.

But why? Because the iPhone X is the best selling smartphone on the market at the moment. And this, in my opinion, the main criterion on which to watch the manufacturers of smartphones.

It is logical, however.

And I do not exclude that in place of the CEO of any large company, many have done so — would have released the iPhone analog of X, but at a much more attractive price, because in the absence of significant advantages of the iPhone people will look for cheaper solutions.

Now a little about the iPhone X of the second generation. Why would he not successful? I have to say, it’s obvious many of you already now, but still this question is to be raised.

Now was presented the NEX Vivo and Oppo Find X, the Network appeared “live” photos of smartphone from ZTE with no cutout in the display and with a slim frame. I admit my mistake. Somehow it seemed that the cutout in the display will last on the market a little longer, because even Google will release Pixel 3 XL neck (by the way, on the background of Oppo and Vivo, the company is already lagging).

I have no doubt that now begin to imagine smartphones without the cut-out with a very thin frame. By September, Apple has three iPhone: iPhone X (2018), X iPhone and iPhone Plus with LCD-display and design the iPhone X.

All three devices are likely to have a cutout in the display. It says only that the smartphone will not be as a trend compared to other manufacturers. Hence weak, in my opinion, sales. The company may surprise the quality of the camera, but considering that the last 2-3 years Apple pays virtually no attention to the cameras of their smartphones, should not expect miracles.

In addition, at MWC Samsung 2018, according to rumors, will present foldable Galaxy X, whose sales will begin in early 2019. And that’s when Apple will really look backward. It’s amazing how volatile the smartphone market. In 2018 you can be the market leader, but in 2019 to be among the outsiders.

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