#Opinion: I depend on the Apple Watch. And it’s scary

With smart clock from Apple I have a long-standing relationship: the first generation appeared immediately after the start of sales in 2015, after a long time not to decide to purchase the updated Apple Watch, and when it was almost ready in the newsroom just started Series 4. And for the past few months, I remove them with hands only at night (can’t sleep, when the arm is something there, and to charge the watch when it is necessary). But recently I caught myself thinking that just can’t live without the Apple Watch.

First, recognize that this is one of the best Apple devices that I had ever seen. They automatically respond to any task — whether it’s a response to the message or launch an application. Not to mention what a godsend at the wheel: if someone wrote, you can quickly rotate your wrist (without removing hands from the steering wheel and losing control of the car), and if it’s important to answer, for example, at a traffic light and when urgent message quickly Park.

But even when I’m not driving, the pros of the Apple Watch are catching up on every corner. I stopped to get iPhone out of your pocket. If earlier upon receipt of notice hand automatically reached for the smartphone, I now often answer directly on the clock: for example, dictate text or use the ready templates. In addition to that, I often missed messages (and even calls) when you walking on the street or fled — often iPhone was in silent mode. Now, every message, every call is immediately visible, and it’s incredibly convenient.

You can continue to paint pros of the Apple Watch, but you almost know them all, and we have repeatedly raised this issue on pages of our site. There is another problem: the other day I forgot my Apple Watch in the office (decided to put it on the charger and left them), and came to his senses… Yes, I missed the first call. And I really realized how unusual to me without its Apple Watch. Every 10-15 minutes we had to get the iPhone to verify whether it was not a message, not to mention the feeling of emptiness on the wrist.

The latter is solved via any other watches, you say? But, no! I went to the office with normal hours (in fact I am the clockwork maniac — watches in my collection, about 20 pieces, from simple models to like Tag Heuer, but that wasn’t it. Worst of all, I still thought that on my wrist the Apple Watch, and was surprised when the notification came only on the iPhone. You can even call it addiction, because I can’t give up the convenience that I provide Apple watch.

The problem is that I don’t want to be dependent on Apple Watch. Well the truth is, I love watches and want to at least occasionally wear a conventional manual, but I can’t! Even a day without the Apple Watch turns into torture. And I’m not talking about the fact that the watch help me lead an active lifestyle — reminiscent of the daily goal for calories, say when you need to warm up, motivated by different rewards. I really became more active, take more steps to feel better in the morning.

But it’s still an addiction. But such things will sooner or later backfire. Or is it not? Write what you think about it in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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