Opinion: Apple will release iPhone 11 style iPhone 5

As we prepare for the release of the new iPhone later this year, begin to appear the first the insides, which offers some details about the functions of the device. It is still unclear as to be called a smartphone (iPhone 11? iPhone XL?), but many agree that Apple will radically revise the approach to the design of the new iPhone. But to move here, the company can only be in one direction – from the iPad.

With the iPad Pro in 2018, Apple introduced the one-piece design with the more severe forms. In the past those curved edges that have long graced the iPad and still visible on the iPhone. iPad Pro 2018 year has sharp edges and more like a solid piece of aluminium than before.

Of course, it’s a design that Apple used in the iPhone before. Largely in iPad Pro 2018 visible reference to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It was a time when the iPhone had a more compact design. Although the appearance of iPhone 11 remain a mystery, one of the most likely scenarios for Apple would be to base the look of the new tablet to refresh the iPhone this year. What might it look like? Well, like so:

As you can see, there are many similarities between this design and the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 5. At the same time display “edge to edge” breathes new life into already iconic design. “Square” design would not mean that Apple will remove the protruding camera. The iPad Pro 2018, for example, it is still there. In addition, if Cupertino will decide on introduction of three cameras in iPhone 11, they hardly hide them in the Cabinet.

At the same time such a design has drawbacks. For example, without the curved sides of the iPad are harder to raise from the flat surface with one hand. In addition, the flat design may be more prone to deformations such as bending.

Amid weak sales update in iPhone 11 in accordance with the appearance of the new iPad Pro will definitely help to generate interest in the new smartphone and will spur people to update.

Personally, I wish Apple made this change. I’m a big fan of the design of iPad Pro 2018, and are happy to use the iPhone with a similar appearance. How about you? Should Apple move the iPad Pro iPhone 11? Take the poll below and share your opinion in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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