Opinion: Apple could deliver iPhone from the “bangs”, but doesn’t want

Apple could get rid of recess even last year’s iPhone models, but obviously do not want to do this for personal reasons. This becomes clear when studying the patents that the company received in the last few years. If you believe their content is also a kupertinovtsy there are plenty of technological solutions and developments, which would allow them to rid the display of branded smartphones from a design flaw, making them completely symmetrical.

It is known that the notch in the display panels of modern models of iPhone came due to equipment smartphone interface Face ID. Due to the fact that, unlike competitors, Apple has a hardware-based, in Cupertino have been forced to place the sensor system responsible for scanning, on the front panel. Yes, it was a big compromise, but at the time the seizure was the lesser of two evils, which could follow designers. Or less?

display iPhone with fingerprint scanner

It turns out that contrary to the statements by the leadership of Apple in Cupertino interested in the procedure of placing the fingerprint scanner in the display, even in 2014 and probably considered it as a priority method of identification for future smartphones. It was so serious that even the company swallowed the startup LuxVue, engineers who have conducted research in the field. Obviously, kupertinovtsy attracted the advanced technology that could recognize print in any area of the display.

There is a theory that says that the display lenses are slower than traditional, and therefore can not be considered as a solution for flagship smartphones. But the slowness was specific only for early samples, which in its current state, began to work much faster. It is in the example shown OnePlus, Oppo and Xiaomi, display scanners which do not concede on speed to physical analogues.

Face ID 2.0

But display the fingerprint scanner is not the only way to remove the iPhone from the notch. Even if Apple wished to retain the Face ID as the only way to unlock branded smartphones, the company can easily and, it seems, wants to embed the scanning probes under the display, as evidenced by a patent with the relevant content.

Even if the company fail to implement a technology overlapping lens of the camera and laser projector to a desktop, one small hole island will not spoil the matrix as much as the notch. And if Apple will go the way of Sony and minimizes the number of components in the system TrueDepth to do to place it in the display, this might even pass for the real innovation.

But once Apple has the necessary experience, why she is so against them? The answer, I think, is obvious. In Cupertino try to lead by innovation dosed to extract from each of them the maximum profit. And because consumers are quite loyal to such a business model, and producer until recently, not had to worry about how to impress a clientele more often. But I think everything will change soon.

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