Opinion: 4 basic camera — a new trend in the smartphone market, or dust in the eyes of consumers?

Photo via smartphone is becoming increasingly popular. So become more and more in demand models, providing best quality images. And if earlier it was possible to improve the optics, lenses and matrix, now this is not enough. After a more or less reasonable solution to use two or even three of the main camera lens has started to gain popularity, the trend is to use as much as four cameras. But is it really necessary to the end user?

If to explain in simple words, increasing the number of lenses can indeed give more freedom in settings and more features to create images. 4 “eye” of the camera can give you the following:

  • Standard lens
  • Wide angle lens
  • The lens is ultra-wide for even greater shooting angle
  • And sensors like Time-of-Flight and, of course, the possibility of optical zoom and better stabilization.

All this, no doubt, on paper it looks really impressive and will allow you to create incredible quality photos and videos, approaching an average hand mirror. As for the number of detectors and sensors do require additional lenses. They did not fit into the “standard” dual camera. But just to use technology is not enough. It still need to properly optimize to work with software and hardware of the smartphone. But this is much more complicated.

Of the most interesting in this respect models can distinguish Huawei P30 Pro and the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy A9. The first 4 uses the lens for improved stabilization and zoom without loss of quality. There exists a 5-fold optical zoom and a 10x hybrid. Crowned this sensor ToF.

Purged from the South Korean company chose another way. The A9 has a standard and wide angle lenses, to create depth use a special sensor (not ToF), which occupies one of the four cells. The last lens is reserved for the zoom. As you can see, all 4 lens used with the same purpose, but 4 lens — not the limit today.

Nokia 9 PureView. The number of cameras is through the roof, but do I need so many lenses?

To take or not to take? That is the question

In fact, if you need to have a real wide angle lens and high optical zoom with stabilisation and a depth effect, in buying a smartphone with four cameras do have meaning.

However, many devices today offer very decent picture quality with far fewer cameras and at a lower cost (the same Pixel 3). So pay for without a doubt interesting technologies makes sense only in case, if mobile photos for you is in the first place. Otherwise, we would advise you to save up and wait until the technology is cheaper.

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