Operating system iOS 12 – the way you do the updates to the iOS automatic on iPhone my iPod!

Remain system operating iOS 12 , full of detail and features hidden that we stay with you always, even to the finest detail, and looks at the details of the system small we show you today a way to set your iPhone or iPad to install updates to the new iOS automatically.

In the iOS system 11, made Apple the advantage of choosing a System Update and install updates in the middle of the night, along with the feature of “Remind Me Later” for convenience, but iOS 12 came to raise the operating level with the option to update iOS fully automatic.

Before activating the auto update system, make sure you have a backup system to good in anticipation of any problems is not possible during the update any program automatically.

Way activation activation updates iOS automatic on iPhone my iPod:

  • Open the settings of the interior.

  • Scroll down and choose the option in “General”

  • Then update the system Software Update .

  • You can now see the turn off\turn on/off automatic updates”Automatic Updates”

  • Click the automatic updates the “Automatic Updates” to turn off the running water.

If you don’t get the iOS update 12 after, you can now experience the Public Beta version of the system, which offer you a detailed explanation of how to install them on your device in the subject : how to install the Public Beta of the iOS update 12 on iPhone and iPad!

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