Operating system Chrome supports the feature of virtual desktop officially

Began operating system Chrome from Google to support the feature of virtual desktop officially in conjunction with the updated Chrome 78.

نظام تشغيل كروم يدعم ميزة سطح المكتب الافتراضي رسميًا

After that the lights appeared to support the feature of virtual desktop system running Chrome in the past three months, the water has reached officially users with the latest update to the operating system version 78, to provide the Google that add important users of business owners who want to complete their work separately away from the rest of the uses.

Can clarify water in a nutshell it allows organize your desktop and create multiple versions of it for various purposes for the organization of work.

For example, you could create a desktop for organizing applications and tasks relevant in one place, as well as create a different desktop for movies and entertainment.

Thus, the task of cleaning devices for the will be easy for users to access the data they need to systematically and quickly.

نظام تشغيل كروم جوجل

On the same side, has Google made additional updates to the operating system Chrome lets sync contacts between Android phones and chrome book and make quick calls via the device when it is connected with the phone, the system will recognize the printer automatically and fast instead of install steps manual, which means no need to waste more time to print the paper fast or important file.

Continuous updates to the system hope to expand the patch to use it more and more, but still to Google work hard to compete with other systems.



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