Operating system Chrome OS its another feature of the Android

It became my system to run Google Chrome OS and Android closer to each other more than ever before, where many of the computers of the system first to run Android apps on similar phones and tablets, it seems that the system is Chrome OS on the verge of borrowing another feature from Android. Revealed site chromestory that the badge notifications on its way to operating system Chrome OS in the near future based on some of the code detected, it is reported that the badges notifications were introduced with Android operating system oreo 8.0 as a way to show apps that include alerts unread (water was available in iOS years ago). Feature devices running the Chrome OS have already studied for applications similar to Android, so supposed to start this small points to emerge soon on both Android apps and Web Apps within the Chrome OS. Revealed the codes are also operating system Chrome OS will get the feature shortcut menus that appear when prolonged pressure on one of the icons to show more options and shortcuts for quick access. While the integration of apps on Android devices, Chrome OS has come a long way in recent months, however, there is still some ongoing problems, however, it is clear that it is not finished yet from the integration of systems into one coherent until now, and it is possible that the operating system fuschia that you are working on Google is also rumored he will end it and we have to replace all of them in the coming years.

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