Operating system Bliss for PC established on the basis of the Android Pie, and even allows you to download apps from Google Play

Despite the fact that Android dominates the mobile OS market, Google never came to the territory of personal computers. Fortunately, the openness and versatility of Android allow developers to be creative and to move the OS on a officially unsupported devices. For example, the developers of Bliss OSes added support for Android Pie for x86-based PCs and laptops. Those who subscribed to their channel in the Telegram, you know that the team worked hard on fixing bugs to make Bliss OS the most reliable operating system. Now they’ve released a new version 11.8, which has got support for Google Play.

The developer of the popular resource XDA under the nickname electrikjesus told that the update was originally delayed due to issues with GsfProxy GsfLogin and working with standard x86 core GMS Core. The team had to use not the x86 version with the latest version of Houdini (ARM compatibility library from Intel) from ChromeOS to add Bliss in support of the corporate app store Google Play Store. They also had to disable the setup wizard Setup Wizard as he hung on the computers without Wi-Fi. Here is a very stripped-down version of the list of changes:

  • Notifications now work stably;
  • Fixed incorrect work Bluetooth;
  • The power button now work on more devices (still no hibernation);
  • Added some updates from the Project Celadon, Android-x86 and PHH-Treble.

You can download the latest version of OS Bliss from the official website. It’s completely free, but you also have the option to donate a certain amount to the developers to support their work. The developer promises that the team will also continue to support the version of OS x86 Bliss other than Google FOSS. Below is a link to the XDA thread which includes the full list of features, detected issues and all the changes. Be sure to read them before installing the OS on your PC.

Branch Bliss 11.8 x86 OS from XDA

Official website Bliss OS

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