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I always use the two main smartphones. That is, if we do not take into account the test device, to which I turn (on a lot of days), I almost always have two main smartphone. Most often the first is the iPhone, but as a basic Android device I have almost always Galaxy Note from Samsung. Today I will briefly share my impressions from using the 9th generation of this smartphone.

By the way, I recently got a version for 512 GB, because the test I was at 128. Not that I don’t have enough, just wanted to feel like me right up all! And, holding a smartphone in hand, one is forced to recall not released Saygus, who had two slots for memory cards and was to become the most capacious smartphone for content. But I didn’t. And now we have 512 GB on Board, there is a slot for a memory card, which can be 512 GB, but that’s not all!

Here, for example, a USB flash drive from the Samsung – Duo Plus, size from 32 to 256 GB. You just imagine the freedom of action in everything, and here we are not talking about extra space, but about easy file sharing. For example, the edit Type-C, but has a built-in adapter for a Type-A, that is, it can be connected to 100% available on the market: to any laptop and any smartphone/tablet with Type-C.

I it to what? As before, I believe the Galaxy Note the most versatile smartphone in a year. Why no numbers because almost every year. Yes, until the 4th generation was still tricked, because everything was still possible to change the battery on the go, but today it is not necessary to anybody it would be because the integrity of the structure is important and all the top smartphones today have more or less good battery life and can be charged fairly quickly from a standard charger. In addition, the market powerbank developed a little more than full, it is not uncommon to powerbank with support for fast charging, and wireless.

But what a pity – have long since removed the IR port. Like and few people used it, and today, given the development of smart homes, it becomes completely useless, but still every couple of months helped out when they needed a remote that wasn’t there.

In almost any situation you’ll find out, because it has all the modern charms of the smartphone. Yes, not everything is made of, for example, the fingerprint scanner though, but not in the screen and the back. And unlock by face, but not as advanced as even some Chinese, but it’s all there. By the way, unlock the scanner works well.

Need good battery life? And it is there. Games? Real file Manager to control all of space? Cool display and good stereo speakers? In this Note9 too. Probably the only drawback of universality that can mark a slot for memory card combo, I would like to have three of the tray.

The appearance of the smartphone I like, in fact, there’s only one debatable, in my personal opinion, the moment painted the area around the cameras. Since the holes are different, it is very much evident, and whether the surface is black, holes lenses not be rushed into the eyes. But it is subjective.

Personally I chose the blue color because it with a yellow stylus. It’s a little thing I bought, and I like this style very much!

S-Pen is what I’m willing to wait for each new Note. How would you convey its usefulness? Is the ability to quickly someone something to paint, and for me, as a person who bought an apartment, at first planning to make alterations, and now decides to take a plot and build a house – a thing badly needed. Just take the brush and draw the plan out the options. But in ordinary life to show the map directions – stylus is much more convenient finger. But if you know how to draw, like my wife, then Note you all registered!

I have it and then take out just for browsing, but the most advanced case use I have going on during presentations. As I mentioned, I spent two full presentations to the length of an hour and two hours each, using only Note9. I’ve connected it via Smart View to the TV that was in the room and broadcast a previously created presentation.

Navigation was carried out by using the stylus, it works without interruptions and it lasts for 40 minutes of presentation, then should insert it in a smartphone for 20 seconds and it will last until the end. One-click – slide flipping forward, double – click ago. The stylus, besides, it is convenient somewhere to poke the screen to point something, in short, the presentation is very convenient. And I used it not for advertising purposes, but because it really fits me.

I used to use smartphones cases and for perfect Note9 – branded silicon. It does not spoil the appearance, is quite tenacious, and smart phone it is not slippery, but not bad protects the body, as it completely covers the smartphone from all sides. But, as Note9 – popular model, the accessory market for it is huge.


Now I will really break patterns for me. I stopped loving the bare Android. It happened this year, now I can confidently say that Samsung makes very true that the shell UI Experience. Whether today Note9 with naked Android, I would prefer this, with their superstructure. And here all is simple, I even design and well thought-out interface like. 9 version Android Google took a wrong turn and there’s just trash, as for me, here on the contrary all nice and stylish. That interface worked. But the main thing is. In contrast to the bare Android you get a lot of cool features like customizable Always On Display, an active sidebar, lots of possibilities for work with a stylus, great organizer, which has always been here at the height of Themes that completely change the interface, and so on. More details can be found in the review of the smartphone.

But such a localization: there are transfers of the same letters, both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet.

Really like the side panel. It is possible to keep the labels and that I particularly like the labels on a couple of applications. That is, I open YouTube videos, and Twitter, and listen to any movie, one eye watching him, and read the tape.

But what is missing is the activation screen on the top, you have to either press the lock or key at the bottom on portrait.

But most importantly — at the beginning of the year Note9 will get Android 9 with a new interface, One UI, which I’m really looking forward to. The new shell sharpened for ease of use with one hand, down in the lower part are the controls, and the top of the content. Thus, in the first screenshots, it looks like the shell is very cool. Read more about it you can read here.


Very good, Super AMOLED latest generation, white – white, black – clear. There’s much of a new experience, the display is still great.

Allways On – super, especially when the night no need to unlock the smartphone. Understand that for many people it is usual, but when you long time using a smartphone without this functionality, you start to appreciate it differently 🙂

Autonomy Note9 surprised me in the review, I can say that in practice it so well. 4000 mAh is the maximum that we have seen in Samsung smartphones, and now the smartphone is one of the centenarians in the different benchmarks never blows chunks. And this is important, especially given the hardcore direction of the product. During the presentations from your smartphone the last thing I want to steam – about autonomy. Or during a flight, when you watch the movie, or during a late meeting… In General, here all is clear, the longer the better. Quick charge – cool, and very well, what is the correct power supply. The smartphone is charging from 0 to 100% in exactly 1 hour 38 min. And after passing our test on checked was 31% charge, which is very good even against the most long lasting. The test of autonomy and charging below.


No, I’m not going to tell you about myself Bixby because we have this helper not very helpful. Yes, and I do not fully understand why he when is Google Assistant. But that’s a separate button under Bixby is, therefore, I first removed the left-most screen, which is to Bixby, it is a special lever, and button override on Assistant Google with Bixby Remaper. Now cool, and the button was needed!

However, I’ve already talked about it in videoblogg, the Samsung point in your assistant more than others because they produce vehicles to suit every taste and color. And if they add the localization, the meaning of Bixby and even a separate button will appear. You can always tell a smart vacuum cleaner that he punished the microwave because the sandwich is too hot.


Today, I will not pay much attention to cameras for a very banal reason. I am talking only about what many were used, because this operating experience. And that cameras did not work enough to take. However, the good news is that the smartphone began to shoot a little better with the latest updates, Samsung is working on it.


It’s not going to show benchmarks and all that – this is not a review. Here I want to tell you about three things: performance, overall, in games and compare with Snapdragon 845. So, in the performance of the smartphone I have not noticed anything bad, friezes and podlahoviny no. It works very smoothly, quickly and I am pleased with the work. For three months nothing has worsened.

In games everything is similar, everything I play, is the maximum speed and without any subsidence in fps that you notice.

But a comparison of the Exynos and Snapdragon bothers many. I didn’t have the version with the snap, so I have studied many videos with comparison of foreign channels. They show the senselessness of synthetics, for example, axinos everywhere in Geekbench faster, but slightly slower in antuco. The real indicator is the launch of games, and then Snapdragon faster. But less than a second! And in some cases faster is exinos, for example, in evolve two, you can see here:

But! I found interesting channel Argument 600, I hope he will not mind if I quote him, he just told about the peculiarities of work EXYNOS 9810. In short, the processor is good, in something of the specificity of his work is even better than the 845. In benchmarks it is faster for a simple reason – the controller works in such a way that if loaded only productive core, the frequency is close to the maximum is 2.7 GHz. But as soon as the noises in the background, for example, is energy-efficient core, the frequency decreases.

However, after studying the direct comparisons, in life it does not appear, besides the above-mentioned difference in the second, and not always in favor of the 845. Frankly, studying a question, I saw the light with the fact that not only has the sect of Snapdragon, but axinos. And that to me proves only one thing – each would always try to defend their choice, because “I couldn’t be wrong.” But my opinion is: before, I myself was looking for a smartphone Snapdragon because they were better. For example, in Note3 shooting 4K was only available to SNEP and the difference in speed was obvious. Today, I am inclined to give preference to the processor that is officially sold in your market, because even the loss of warranty is a big argument not to seek adventure with the ordering, delivery and so on, do not understand for what.

I hope this experience was helpful to you! At the end of this year, I can say that we had a lot of bright smartphones. Relatively inexpensive and good, but with compromises. However, if you want all-in-one and budget is not too tight – definitely I recommend Note9. Because there is a large screen and high quality, and Pixel 3 XL it is not a competitor in this regard, especially given that there is no expandable memory. Because there is great autonomy, and alternative in this respect – only 20 Huawei Mate Pro, which is soft at times worse, and to fix this problem completely I have never had to P20 Pro, no Pro Mate 20, while the rest of the smartphone is excellent. Well, the stylus that should not be considered an advantage because they can work more comfortably, and to draw and note and so on. In General, which I easily suggest Galaxy Note.

Video operating experience Samsung Galaxy Note9

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