Opera Touch is a new mobile browser that is really new

More browsers are good and different! Apparently, as considered in Opera Software and introduced us to Opera Touch, a new mobile browser. So far only for Android, but soon on iOS will not cry.

In fairness, the browser is noteworthy. Me personally, he interested so much that we even had to install and try. The point is that Opera came to the idea of creating a browser from scratch. They claim that 86% of smartphone users from the U.S. prefer to use them with one hand. With the other hand at this time they eat, drive, smoke and God knows what else involved (we strictly recommend you not to use smartphone while driving a vehicle). So the company went and created a browser built for one-hand operation. Here in the video can see what happened.

Came out really very interesting. I tried — really convenient. What is brilliant in its simplicity, the idea of launching the browser with the existing search string. So you open Opera Touch, as you have already opened a new tab, the cursor is in the search bar and even the keyboard has already been called! Brilliant! To control all with one hand, and in fact one finger, came up with a Fast button Action Button (FAB). Depend on it a tab control, the transition between them and dumping in the Flow.

Flow — another worthwhile thing in Opera Touch. In fact, it’s just a function of synchronize your mobile and desktop browser, but it also came up with the mind. Remember, earlier, for synchronization, you need to create your account, register, drive logins and all of that. Now once scan the QR code and voila! After that, the browsers will be a section of Flow. In the mobile version to send to the Flow either directly from the FAB buttons, or mode, open all the tabs. It’s really convenient and easy. It’s funny, but, according to the survey, Opera, 65% of users to mobile devices throw the link onto the desktop, send it to yourself via e-mail! With Flow you can do it in one touch. Well, another swipe. In General, the browser turned out to be quite interesting. Besides, personally on my smartphone it works even faster than “chrome”.

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