Opera GX the first browser dedicated for gaming in the world of opera

Opera GX أوّل متصفّح متخصص للألعاب في العالم من أوبرا

Announced opera company today about a new browser named Opera GX for Windows OS, as pointed out by the company “this is the browser the first of its kind in the world, and was developed to fit specifically with games players”, where he comes up with ideas very smart, and most importantly, the advent of the browser control panel through which resources are allocated computer.

In other words, is to use this new browser to put restrictions on the use of the processor and Ram “Ram”, where they often are the recipe browsers on the head Google Chrome as excessive in the use of resources, so allowing users to place strict limits on the amount of Energy received by the Opera GX is a smart addition, though it was more useful to people who understand exactly those limits means the performance, as with the browser will be the clarification of how much use all of these resources at any particular moment.

Opera GX أوّل متصفّح متخصص للألعاب في العالم من أوبرا

Also, the opera with their new browser this, to build some plugins that focus on games, where the screen will show the schedule deals games, in addition to a bunch of gaming news entertainment stories, such as main browser Opera, need browser Opera GX on the bar permanently on the left side of the screen for quick access to different settings and services.

It will include a panel that provides quick access, with quick access to subscriptions Twitch user, with support to send notifications when starting Live TV via the service, and does not stop at this limit, the browser is fully customizable, although the default theme is so wonderful, as is observed characterized by this attribute with the color black and red, as well as sound effects and exclusive.

Finally, the included Opera browser GX also on the main features and limits in a regular browser, including service, free VPN tool, ad blocker, options access fast services of messaging louvers August master there, etc., and of course with the launch of the Opera browser that could help her attract attention by users.

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