Opera browser for Android has received built-in crypto

Developers Opera released an update for the browser, follows from the official company blog. An updated version of the web browser includes an extremely important innovation, which will be useful to thousands of users worldwide. It is a built in wallet to store your cryptocurrency. In addition to savings function browser offers quick access to digital cash with the possibility of making payment transfers and other transactions.

At the moment, the support of cryptocurrency is only present in Android version of Opera. This is one of the few cases where an important update is coming first for “the green robot” and then gets to iOS. Apparently, the impact of the openness of the operating system from Google, thanks to which the developers of the popular browser has managed to realize a long-awaited feature.

However, to use Mozilla as a trading tool still fails. At the time of the publication of the in-browser wallet only supports tokens of the standard ERC20, while the rest, according to developers, will be added later.

How to work with cryptocurrency wallet in Opera

To access the wallet in the framework of the Opera is quite simple:

— Update your browser to a current version;
— Go to “Settings” — Crypto Wallet;
— Enter the access password;
— Send and receive tokens.

Receiving and translation are performed as with the use of QR codes and using personal addresses generated by the system automatically.

Important: despite the fact that Opera does not take service users a single Satoshi, each transaction is subject to the Commission system. Its size does not change from service to service which you use for translation, which makes the innovation of Opera not only useful but also comfortable.

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App: Opera Browser: fast and safe

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