Opening of the wing of Jordan at the Conference of the international communication Barcelona


Set up the Association of companies of information and communication technology “production” for the second consecutive year, wing Jordan in the Conference and the International Institute of communications in Barcelona.

The company offered Jordan -37 company – participation in the pavilion which was opened by the Chairman of the telecommunications regulatory authority Dr. Ghazi al-jubouri and the presence of the Jordanian Embassy in Spain areej hawamdeh, their experience and their thoughts of their development.

Said the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Association of companies of information and communication technology “production”, Dr. Bashar hawamdeh said, I’m participating startups under wing Jordan managed and the fact of all the techniques that you know the most important companies in the world.

Dr. hawamdeh said, that the participation of the startups in this conference give them the ability to develop their ideas away from the recurrence of ideas or copy them from the outside, indicating that the Jordanian private sector always prove its support for emerging companies, youth and sports.

For his part, said a member of the Board of the Board of Directors and password in the “output” fudge test that this wing came after great effort and long before the Assembly of the production, declaring achieved great success this year if compared to last year.

Noted the test that the assembly consider the establishment wing of the Jordanian over a larger area due to the successes achieved by the wing in two successive earthquakes.

In turn, he stressed jubouri on the importance of companies and especially sports participation within the wing of Jordan, expressed his pride in Jordanian youth sports.

He noted that the organization Association of Information Technology and communications “production”, for the interests of Jordan in the most important event in the telecommunications sector in the world, the Affirmation of fact to support youth sports.

Referred to to the companies of the nine main joint in the wing, namely: Beecell ,Eskadenia Software ,Globitel ITG and the Jordan Tourism Board وMadfooatCom for epayments’s وMenaITech وProgressSoft وZmission

Or participating startups the 28 in the pavilion this year, are: JoodLife, TechTeb, Edaura, RABABA Games, ShopGo, Libra Smart Home, Eldesigners, Sadeed, HealthGate, MEEM, 3OUN, InstructIT, Mashrou3na, Signcom, AqarCircle, Ustazi, Mobileznation,, ProTech, AloCloud, Wasslz, Audiogram, Naba360, OlaHub, Abjjad, MindRocket, Cazador, Smart Data Logger.

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