Open the registry on the conference Google I/O 2018

Google I/O is an annual conference to reveal the Google for latest and newest products and technologies including Android system.

In the month of May of each year, targeted at Google’s largest Technical Conference of its own, which its developer conference Google I/O, which includes the disclosure of the highlights of the Special Features for the new Android system, in addition to many of the ads technical important, whether new products or services.

During the past month, Google confirmed that its conference for developers this year will be held in the period between 8 and 10 May, as has happened in the past two years, will be a giant Sea to the listed shoreline of Shoreline the city of mountain view, this means that this will be the third year that a conference of developers Google in the outside.

Now, the company began receiving requests for registration to attend the conference, where registration lasts until the date of February 27, and as in years past they used a system of random selection among the applications that use them, so that will be on the winners who have been selected to pay the cost of the ticket that $ 1150 dollars to the normal price, and $ 375 for students.

There is also a new segment called “community partners”, which amounts to the cost of the ticket through its $ 750, but it is not visible during the registration process is likely to be limited to persons who are selected in advance by Google.

And speaking of last year’s conference Google I/O 2017, it comprises the detection of the features of the Android version of the oreo (by that time it was still experimental under the name Android O), and detection of Android Go, along with the announcement of Google Play Protect, advertise the availability of its feature apps instant Apps, in addition to advertise Google Lens, and a whole new system of DayDream.

It is expected that Google announced during Google I/O 2018, and traditionally, the next version of the Android system, along with share their future plans on their smartphone and many new products and services.


Source: open registration at the conference Google I/O 2018

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