Onur, Saudi Arabia reveal the Honor 10 of the report of the artificial intelligence

أونور السعودية تكشف عن Honor 10 بتقنيات الذكاء الاصطناعي وتغيير الألوان

Announced Onur Brand of Huawei for provides phone Honor 10, which was launched recently in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and holds the phone with them two new technologies to give users a special touch in use.

The company said it brought the artificial intelligence technology Al2.0 to the device to make it more interactive, as it allows the technique to enable users to choose different colors for the device and or painted inscriptions on it in the background thanks to the glass design three-dimensional with the phone.

The device works with a processor from Huawei with Zakir RAM 4 GB, as it contains the memory, internal storage size 128 GB, in addition to a touchscreen complete.

The phone is offered in the Saudi market since May 22 and is available to users at a price 1699 SAR.


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