Onur Note 10 coming screen Samsung 6.9 inch

According to the latest reports, Huawei began to use screens Super olid $ 6.9 inch than Samsung to manufacture about 20 Pro which will be launched in October, today leaked information indicating that the telephone Onur nota 10 may exhibit the same screen.

This information comes according to the data monitored on a sheet charging screen, according to screen 6.9 inch charged for of the honor code name Sheridan, and the factory that the model number may mean that the screen is of a type for.

The say that the tea imported to be used in Onur Note 10 due to the permit the chief of police that he used a large version of a telephone Onur 10 a while ago, knowing that science and the Chinese didn’t fire Note 9 last year.

Currently there is no information about Onur Note 10, or the fact it existed, but if it does not exist already, we expect to provide the Processor, Cairns 970 like Onur 10.

Source: GSMarena

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