Onur Note 10 comes screen 1080p content 2K

Back Onur Note 10 on the website of the Communications Regulatory Agency in China – TENAA, before its launch in quite some time where Huawei has released a formal invitation to an event detected at the 31 of July next, and she gave us the menu that appeared on the site look at the specifications of the device, which includes a screen amold 2220 × 1080 pixels.

Before today, there were reports that Huawei had bought great store of screens amold 2K from Samsung, and speculation points to use in the ONUR Note 10, but it seems that this is not the case, but revealed some of the users on the site Baidu that Huawei is planning to use a new technology known as AI2k in the phone, which also explains its name, using artificial intelligence techniques in order to achieve the image quality of 2K on the screen accurately 1080p display, where he showed a poster earlier from Onur to note 10 will come with artificial intelligence will assist you in achieving that.

Benefit big of this technique is that the tea will help reduce the load on the processor and GPU, improving battery life, while offering a resolution of more than 1080 pixels, thanks to new technology, this can be done in a manner similar to what I did to Nvidia in 2014 through the technique of DSR, which provides the quality of a 4K screen in 1080, but will have to wait to see how this technology is working upon detection of the phone in a material that we mentioned above.

Source: anzhuo

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