Onur Magic 2 talking with your brilliance, in a car with no driver

Again reviewed the honor of Huawei capabilities of artificial intelligence phone Magic 2 by use in steering the car but the driver.

No benefit Onur Magic 2 of the intelligent processor Kirin 980 only, but the plugin YoYo who enjoys cleverly artificial strong. Has been reviewed by Onur in the event of the declaration of the official capacity of assistant to book appointments and restaurants, human voice similar to the technique of Duplex with the assistant of Google, also reviewed the use of the CEO of the company the assistant in the control plane without a pilot from takeoff and even take a photo, and then landing on the ground.

To return to the controller Onur Magic 2 in the car, it has been shown the phone on the dashboard in front of the co-pilot to use the rear camera of the tripartite to see the road, and then turn your phone in the specially formulated to carry out the instructions of the plugin YOYO.

Sense intelligent 4556th meeting point enjoyed by the plugin YOYO, we may see the arrival of many smart features soon, but the launch control feature the car will be off commercially, it is likely that this experience was on a special track, it is difficult to maintain similar performance on public roads.

Source: Gizmochina

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