ONUR has sold over million phones in a single country yesterday !

Thanks to the great deals on the phones. on the occasion of the celebrations of Diwali festival yesterday, Onur selling more than a million telephone within 24 hours, and so the growth of 300% on the same day of 2017.

The phone was the months best-selling is Onur 9N also known as Onur 9i, and the 8X decoding best-seller in the category of price of 12-15 thousand rupees (620-775 SAR).

Led sales to a fan base honor in India by 32%, where it was said that 3.92 million customers celebrated with the company through the use of its services.

Increased growth of the brand online as well access Store apps honor the 10 million download keeping it a positive evaluation: 4.3 stars at GOG preorder.

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