Onur believes the system will allow Huawei to the identity of their

Over the past few days, recorded the Huawei trademarks believe that they would be the names of the phones Onur affiliate, and new names to change the registration system to become similar to the system Huawei.

We know that the Huawei phones P20 وMate 20 come after P10 وMate 10. It seems that the phones Onur will follow the same system after the registration of its brands following in Argentina and the countries of the European Union:

– The names of the series honor A will : 20A then 30A then 40A and so, after that was the latest phones as 7A.

– The names of the series Honor X will be : 20X, then 30X, then 40X and so, after that was the latest phones 8X/8X Max.

– Same thing for the safety of ONUR C for N.

Based on the new label, it seems that Huawei wants to match naming its phones, phones, relationship, honor, refers to the probability of default for the names of ONUR A20 وX20 and start from the A30 وX30 also for the safety of the C and N – the next year to even be “synchronized” with the Huawei phones P30 وMate 30, which will be released next year.

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