(OnePlus) will officially announce about the phone by the most powerful OnePlus 7T Pro

Announced the company (OnePlus) OnePlus today Thursday officially about her smart phone (OnePlus 7 my Pro) OnePlus 7T Pro, which comes after two weeks from the announcement of the phone (the OnePlus 7 my) OnePlus 7T, and is expressed in the design, and some specifications.

In comparison with the phone (OnePlus 7 MY), the phone (OnePlus 7 my pro) new screen comes up without the bump, and the front camera of the pop-up, and rear cameras, three placed in the system vertical, not horizontal inside a circle, as in (OnePlus 7 my).

As a phone (OnePlus 7 my pro) the new that comes with the McLaren Edition, which boasts a design inspired exterior of company and industry policies of the British racing (Mac Lara) McLaren.

With regard to the specifications, the phone needs of the company (OnePlus) new processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+), which offers higher frequencies, the Fit, performance in graphics best 15%, in line with the phone’s screen that works with a frequency of 90 Hz for video games fast.

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And phone (OnePlus 7 my pro) random access memory (RAM) size 8 GB, memory internal storage of the type (on VFS 3.0) UFS 3.0 a capacity of 256 GB. So for the standard version, and the version of the McLaren it offers 12 GB of RAM.

Can the device support fast charging technology (Warsaw charger 30 my) Warp Charge 30T, which provides charging faster by 23% compared to the charger 30 watt that came with the phones (OnePlus 7).

Come the camera phone front popup with a 16-megapixel, while the rear cameras, three they support the development of (macro), and they come strictly 48 MP for the principal that uses the sensor (I. M. x 586) IMX586 from Sony, and the girl lens the wide f/1.6. The second camera in the phone, they are 12-megapixel to portray the depth with an optical zoom rate 3X with installed image optical, the camera comes second with a 16-Megapixel to change the petition at an angle of 117 degrees. A phone that supports slow infusion at a rate of 960 frames per second at a resolution of 720p.

Software a; works the phone operating system (oxygen or S 10) OxygenOS 10 – based on Android OS 10 – the issuance of a McLaren, it comes with exclusive benefits, including wallpapers screen icons inspired by the company McLaren.

Intends to (OnePlus) put Phone (OnePlus 7 my pro) new as of the day next Thursday in Europe, priced at 760 euros for the standard, the version of the McLaren will be available as of 5 November at a price of 860 euros a. In addition to Europe, the company intends to put the phone in India, China, and Hong Kong.

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